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Swiss Franc: 1 GBP: 1.24097 CHF: 5 GBP: 6.20485 CHF: 10 GBP: 12.40970 CHF: 50 GBP: 62.04850 CHF: 100 GBP: 124.

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And the general weakness in European majors also dragged the Swiss Franc. main policy rate will be held at 0.25% while the asset purchase target kept at GBP 435b.

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. Japanese Yen and Swiss Franc and gained against the GBP Pound. and calculates more than 100 indices ranging from industry-aggregate levels...

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Hundreds of thousands foolishly took out mortgages denominated in Swiss francs because at the time it meant super.

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Week Ahead: Central banks to attempt return to

Commodity currencies (AUD, CAD and NZD) appreciated versus the greenback and the majors (CHF, EUR and GBP) traded lower. The Swiss National Bank (SNB).