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The product is basically a bunch of indicators that sit on a trading platform called Ensign (Review ).

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In conjunction with other of our indicators, it can be used to identify opportunities to trade.

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The following trading mentors offer various services and trading strategies.I have since been in contact with other Trendsignal users (I did find some) and none of them found the training day to be worth the effort.

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My expectation was based upon a shot in the Trendsignal marketing video clip on the website.There is one indicator, the Sniper Circle, which offers some sort of intelligence but this does seem to have a mind of its own and is by no means an indication of a trade, just a potential trade.Trading with Trendsignal trading software is a unique approach to trading the markets.This is the main product page for our scientific graphing and statistical analysis product SigmaPlot which explains the various features and benefits.

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Customers have the ability to chat to the staff and coaches by SKYPE if they so desire, and is mentioned in the webinars.The conclusion for back testing is that it is just not possible to effectively (12 months) test on any timeframe less than 4 hour and too much of a mission to back test on anything on or above the 4 hour.Information about Market Trend Signal was first submitted to Scambook on Mar 23, 2014.High Performance Portfolios If you would have invested using the Canopy Portfolio, you would.Apparently, in the past there used to be a Skype group for Trendsignal users but it was closed down and Trendsignal have no intention of opening it back up.

Do they vanish as soon as they lead to a loss and only winners stay visible.If new to trading, day trading is a very challenging way to learn because of the extra emotional pressure.

We thank you for your comments and we hope to continue to improve our service to all in the future.Hey come on, there is nothing fool proof out there, we all get trades wrong, but since using this system my hot rate is double my previous effforts and the system was paid for in a few months. the support is great and thats what really counts.

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This experience has enabled me to apply the correct MIND-SET approach to my TS trading and I am sure has been a posiitve in my results.

Hi all, It has been quite some time since I purchased Trend Jumper from Netpicks.Yes. Did you get that and most in the room would have followed another signal.MetaTrader Forex indicators — download free Forex indicators for MetaTrader platform.But, because of the limitations of Ensign it is way too much of a mission to go back further than 2 weeks on the 15 minutes and 4 months on the 4 hour.

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I spoke with my coach (not mentor. see later) and he suggested trading the higher timeframes.

I have tried many many different products and services, most of which claimed to be instant plug and play success.If the Mods will allow it, it is my intention to provide monthly reviews of this review and hopefully I will be able to add more positive content.

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Dear Valued Trader, In order to improve our service, Liquid Markets now offers you, at no cost, the use of the Guardian Angel MT4 plug-in.The reason we have introduced one to one coaching, online workshops and the training day in recent years is to help as many of our customers to be successful as possible.We have had a SKYPE group in the past, but it was closed because of message delays.Is fraudulent or infected with malware, phishing, fraud, scam and spam activity.Before we start, since this is not a review, we have posted a 5 for neutrality.Is fraudulent or infected with malware, phishing, fraud, scam and spam activity. Use.I purchased Trendsignal 2 years ago, deciding after many failed attempts at trading to try another product.

They do offer a twice weekly workshop service on a Monday and Thursday morning (provided you qualify).All the rest he just completely ignores and offers no follow-up.I can honestly say, hand on heart, that since giving Trendsignal my credit card details.The Charts are clear and without needing to decipher what they are saying, is it perfect - certainly not but it has stood the test of time for me and now remains as the only product I use on a daily basis.Award-winning AbleTrend trading software uses the state of the art features of AbleSys trading platform to generate trading signals for trading equity, futures, e.

As for transparency, Trendsigal always produce their PIP results for the month and YTD including winners and losers, you need to start paying attention.Even now there is information on there about not taking the Yen pairs as a sniper because of trending.Drop shipping is a special cost-effective selling technique in which the seller does not keep goods in stock, but instead transfers their customer orders and.Until such time as it can be PROVEN to me that Trandsignal can perform, I will NOT put big cash into the market based upon it.